Code of Conduct

We want everyone to enjoy their visit to the cinema and we ask that you follow our Code of Conduct to ensure the best possible experience for all.

Arrive early – we offer waiter service directly to your seats, an experience everyone really enjoys. We have limited time to serve everyone, which is why our doors open 45 minutes before the advertised start time. We would really appreciate it if you could arrive at least 20 minutes in advance. If you arrive after the advertised start time, waiter service will have finished and our bar and kitchen will have closed. We will try and serve you if we can, but this may not always be possible.

Please go straight to your seats as we do not take orders from the bar. Take a look at the menu on your table and a waiter will come to take your order as soon as they can. You do not need to worry about getting our waiters’ attention. They may not serve people in the order they arrived, but they know who is waiting and will be with you as soon as they can.

The bar is closed during the film – please order everything you need when the waiter comes to take your order as we only have time to come to you once!

Please don’t talk during the film.

Please switch your phones and watches to silent and do not use your phones (even in silent mode) once the film has started.

Do not bring your own snacks and drinks – as an independent cinema the only way we can survive is through our bar sales and we really need you to support us.

Do not film or record once the film has started.

Please return your trays to the bar after the film.