Your Visit

Please book online – it ensures you a seat, and it really helps us make sure we have the right number of staff to serve you quickly and make sure the film starts promptly. We often sell out and hate having to turn people away.

On the Door Tickets

Standard Adult (15 – 60) £8.50

Members £6.50
Child (1 – 14) £7.50                                
Senior (60+) £7.50                                

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It’s cheaper to book in advance!

Book online or 24 hours in advance at the box office and receive £1 discount on all standard and member tickets.


Doors open 45 minutes before the film start time. Coming to The Lantern is a magical experience and part of that experience is table service, to ensure the film starts promptly please arrive at least 20 minutes in advance so our team have time to take, make and bring your order to your table.

If you arrive AFTER the advertised start time of the film, our bar and kitchen will have closed for orders. If we have time, we will do our very best to serve you, but we have to make sure the film starts in good time. We will ask you to queue in the bar area and we will come and take your order once everyone else has been served, as long as there is time to make your order before the film starts.

Please note that the bar is closed once the film starts and waiters only have time to serve everyone once, so please get everything you need when you order.


Can we bring our own food and drinks?

We really would rather you didn't - the cinema survives only due to the money made on the bar and we pride ourselves on offering a large selection of drinks and snacks to suit all tastes at very reasonable prices. We also aim to reduce waste and 'rustle irritation' in one go by serving all our snacks in reusable dishes. Great for the environment and stops the annoying sound of rustling sweet & crisp bags!

How to we order food & drink?

Every seat has its own table and if you head straight to your seats on arrival you can take a look at our extensive menu. A waiter will soon arrive to take your order which will then be delivered to your table. Make sure you order everything in one go though as our waiters have a very limited time to take and deliver everyone orders so can't come round to take orders more than once.

What films are you showing next month?

As soon as our films are finalised we will publish the listings on our website - you can find them HERE. If the dates you are interested in aren't there then we haven't confirmed our programme yet.

When is Sundowners Cocktail Bar open?

You can find our opening times HERE.

Can we bring dogs?

Yes! All we ask is that you sit them in front of your seat, out of the way of the aisles so they don't create a trip hazard and if they cause any disruption we will have to ask you to take them out and we will not be able to offer a refund. Please don't allow them to sit on the seats.

Can we pay on the door?

You can, but it is cheaper by £1 per ticket if you buy online or in advance. You may be disappointed if you don't pre-book  as we frequently sell out. We also really appreciate it if you book in advance as it helps us plan the right amount of staff needed for each films and in the long run helps us keep our prices low.

Can I buy Gift Vouchers?

Yes you can! You can buy online HERE or call into the Box Office.